Why Coconut Wax makes for the Best Candle

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The Holy Grail of Candle Waxes

From food and beverage to clothing, fuel, comfort and medicine, the mighty coconut reigns supreme. It is no different in the world of candle waxes: Coconut Wax makes for a Superior Candle

In our search for crafting the best possible candle we tried and tested many different waxes. Paraffin, soy, palm, coconut, beeswax and more. After many trials and candles made and burned, a clear winner was observed.

From humble seed to mighty flame...

Why we believe coconut wax candles make 

The Best Candle. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Unlike paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of petroleum, coconut wax burns clean. Matched with cotton wicks all one needs to do is trim the wick between each burn to ensure a clean, pollutant-free candle experience.

  • Outstanding Scent Throw
  • “Throw” is determined by how much a candle’s scent will fill a room. Coconut wax is widely known to far supersede the ability of soy wax in both hot(lit) and cold(unlit) throws. 

  • Longer-lasting
  • Coconut wax has a slower “burn” time than that of paraffin and other vegetable waxes thereby allowing you to enjoy your lovely scents longer. 

  • Safer Farming Practices
  • Typical coconut farmers do not rely on heavy machinery to harvest crops. Unlike soy and palm waxes, where power machinery is rampantly used to harvest large swaths of crops, coconut wax is procured by hand harvesting. This practice reduces the overall byproducts of petroleum pollutants in the air. 

  • Beautiful Candles!
  • Compared with other wax types, coconut wax allows for an appealing finished product, not that bubbly and uneven surface you may be used to. With our candles you can expect a clean, elegant and “creamy” looking finish. 


    Sundip Candle Co. Candles

    In the end, we make our candles with coconut wax because of the environmentally friendly practices surrounding the core product, as well as the beauty and liveliness of our finished product. Coconut wax candles simply are The Best Candles!




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